Qibla Finder

Easily determine the Qibla direction from anywhere in the world with our user-friendly Qibla finder!

Easily find the Kaaba direction

Welcome to our Qibla Finder! As a dedicated tool for Muslims around the world, we aim to make it easy and convenient to locate the Qibla direction from your current location. Whether you’re at home, work, or traveling, our Qibla finder is designed to help you quickly determine the correct direction for your prayers. With a simple click, you can now accurately point towards the Kaaba in Mecca and fulfill your religious obligations with confidence.

How it Works:

Our Qibla Finder uses advanced GPS technology and algorithms to accurately calculate the direction of the Qibla from your current location. The tool utilizes your device’s GPS coordinates and determines the Qibla direction using the Great Circle distance method, providing you with the most precise result possible.


Follow these simple steps to find the Qibla direction from your location:

  1. Enable Location Services: Make sure your device’s location services are enabled to ensure accurate results. The Qibla finder requires access to your location to determine the correct direction.

  2. View Results: The Qibla direction will be displayed on the map as a direct red line, pointing towards the Kaaba in Mecca. We’ve added a compass to help you find North in relation to your location on the map.

  3. Align Yourself: Use the displayed Qibla direction to align yourself and your prayer mat accordingly, ensuring that you are facing the Kaaba during your prayers.

Additional Features:
  • Distance to Mecca: In addition to the Qibla direction, our tool also provides the distance from your current location to the Kaaba in Mecca, giving you an idea of how far away you are from the holy city.

  • Bookmark and Share: If you find our Qibla Finder helpful, you can easily bookmark the page for quick access in the future. You can also share the link with friends and family to help them locate the Qibla direction with ease.

We understand the importance of accurately determining the Qibla direction for Muslims worldwide. Our Qibla Finder is designed to make this process as simple and efficient as possible, ensuring that you can fulfill your religious duties with confidence and ease. Give our Qibla Finder a try and experience the convenience of finding the Qibla direction from your current location with just a few clicks.